Estate Planning Services

How to Pick an Estate Planning Service

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Choosing who to partner with to create that plan is a crucial part of the decision process.

Here are 13 questions you should ask anyone—even us—before you pick an estate planning service.

  1. Do you have a planned estate?
    (Approximately half of attorneys do not have even a will.)
  1. How many estates have you planned?
    (But quality of planning is even more important.)
  1. What is your opinion of joint living trusts?
  1. How long should the process take?
    (Days is too fast; months is too slow.)
  1. Do you guarantee the price in a written contract?
    (Beware hourly rates.)
  1. After the contract is signed, do you delegate client contact?
  1. Would you incorporate, free of charge, a benediction I might write into my plan of distribution?
  1. Do you send drafts for me to review ahead of time?
    (Do not sign what you have not carefully read!)
  1. Do you do anything to maximize the portability and durability of my documents nationwide?
  2. Do you provide explanatory documents in addition to the original signed documents?
  3. Does your price include any funding work?
    (Beware an unfunded trust.)
  4. Would you advise me, free of charge, if I have problems with the funding process?
  5. Are your clients satisfied? How do you know? Do you give references?

We welcome the chance to give you our answers.

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