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How to Choose an Estate Planning Service

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Here are 13 questions you should ask any prospective estate planning service before you decide whom you want to work with.

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Four Key Estate Planning Documents

To better help you understand the estate planning process, we have provided brief descriptions of some of the key estate planning documents you will need to know about and understand.

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Trust Administration: The Basics

Learn the ins and outs of trust administration, including what a trust should do and what difficulties a trust can entail. Get key information about the distribution of assets, and explore other important aspects of trust administration.

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Living Trusts: Advantages and Disadvantages

Explore the benefits and downsides of living trusts, from avoiding probate, preserving privacy, and avoiding estate taxes to dealing with the perceived expense and hassle of establishing and funding your trust.

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Guardianship: What You Need to Know

Get the facts about guardianship. Learn the difference between guardians and conservators. Discover the situations that may necessitate guardianship.

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Estate Planning Definitions: A Handy Glossary

To aid you in your estate planning process, we’ve defined key terms you will encounter when putting you legal affairs in order.

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